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Top defensive players named

Posted on: November 1, 2010 2:02 pm
Chase Utley
Chase Utley didn't have a great time with the glove in the postseason. OK, Chase Utley had a lousy time with the glove. But put down your torches and pitchforks, Phillies fans. Utley is still an elite defensive player as measured by sabermetric alphabet soup -- in the past three seasons, he's first in baseball in UZR/150, OOZ plays and DRS.

A group of humans also thinks Utley is good. He was named the top second baseman Monday in the Fielding Bible Awards, which are determined by a panel chosen by fielding guru John Dewan. There was a unanimous selection for the first time: Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina, as the littlest Molina now has something to brag about when he and the rest of the catching Molina brothers gather for the holidays.

The top three by position:

First base -- Daric Barton, Albert Pujols, Ike Davis

Second base -- Utley, Orlando Hudson, Mark Ellis

Third base --Evan Longoria, Ryan Zimmerman, Adrian Beltre

Shortstop -- Troy Tulowitzki, Brendan Ryan, Alexei Ramirez

Left field -- Brett Gardner, Carl Crawford, Jose Tabata

Center field -- Michael Bourn, Franklin Gutierrez, Chris Young

Right field -- Ichiro Suzuki, Jay Bruce, Jason Heyward

Catcher -- Molina, Carlos Ruiz, Kurt Suzuki

Pitcher -- Mark Buehrle, Zack Greinke, Trevor Cahill

Baseball's official defensive honors, the Rawlings Gold Glove Awards, will be announced November 9 (AL) and 10 (NL).

-- David Andriesen

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Top defensive players named

Will you be publishing your own posts? Or gaining them from just about all other resources?

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Top defensive players named

Timmons, errors are not considered a great indicator of defensive ability -- capable defenders actually sometimes have more errors than you'd think, because they get to more balls and their ability creates a different definition of "routine" for official scorers. Utley has a ton more range than Phillips, and if you look up DRS (defensive runs saved), Utley has saved twice as many runs over the past three years as any other player at any position. I actually think the effect of defense is often overstated, but some players play impact defense, and Utley is one of them.

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Top defensive players named

Even though B. Phillips played in 300 more innings had 120 more chances, he had only 3 errors to Utley's 11. How is he the 5th best defensive second baseman by any metric?

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